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The Adelaide

with Hex & Henbane

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At Pomp n Glory we offer a bespoke commissions service to create your perfect piece of furniture to compliment your style.

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A rectangle image of our drinks cabinet called Charlie. The image shows a rectangular shaped cabinet with part of the long curved legs showing.There are two doors and one small drawer. The doors are covered with a printed dark blue fabric, with light and dark green and blue leaves all over. Amongst the leaves are 4 small brown illustrative monkies, two of them holding small yellow bananas with the other two jumping from leaf to leaf. In the centre of the vibrant doors is an ornate gold metal fitting for the key hole, where the key sits and holds a gold thick tassle that hangs. The small drawer is a distressed dark gold and has two gold small ornate handles a each end. The surrounding wood is a rich blue paint, and the legs are the same colour as the drawer. To the left is a tall green leafy plant.

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Our Story

Our small business' mission here at Pomp n Glory is to transform handpicked vintage cabinets into something glorious again.


By using a fabulous pattern and rich paints, we are able to achieve our goal of giving vintage pieces of furniture a new lease of life, keep them out of landfill and put them into a new home to be enjoyed ...